Believers' Convention

Believers' Convention is a yearly 7-day camp meeting that takes place in August each year. It is a platform in the Spirit for the sounding of the light of Christ and the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus to the body of Christ. Through this platform, seasoned ministers of the New Testament ministers bring the gospel of salvation via various ministrations that prepare and furnish the hearts of saints to ultimately inherit eternal life. Over the last two decades, the hearts of many have moved closer to their establishment in the gospel of Christ and the realization of the true hope of the New Testament, even the inheritance of eternal life. Believers' Convention is highly attended by believers from all walks of life. Their denominational and doctrinal inclinations, notwithstanding, they gather from different parts of the world, availing themselves of the opportunity to feast on the present emphasis of God. The morning sessions of Days Two and Three are dedicated for ministers of the gospel and for those called to serve in various capacities; and it remains an avenue to take a closer look at counsels that further prepares them to minister the New Testament.

It is highly attended by youths and students, both home and abroad.

The themes of previous Believers’ Convention available on request are as follows:

  • The Gathering (2003)
  • So Great Salvation (2004)
  • Revealed Righteousness (2005)
  • The Word of His testimony (2006)
  • Faith and the Priesthood (2007)
  • The Supernatural: Life of the Overcomer (2008)
  • The Blessing (2009)
  • The Emerging World (2010)
  • The Power and the Tidings of Glory (2011)
  • The Father and His Kingdom (2012)
  • The Father of our Inheritance (2013) 
  • The Father’s Image: The Lamb (2014)
  • The Word of God: The Testimony of Jesus (2015)
  • Utterances of the Father (2016)
  • Sounding the Mystery of God (2017)
  • The Prophecy (2018)
  • The Priest: The Life and The Glory (2019)
  • The Tidings of God's Day (2020)
  • Eden Hidden Seal(2021)
  • Who is like God? (2022)

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