Daring to Believe (Part 2)


(Believing with the Right Company)


In the season of everlasting life, it is wise to:

     Only believe

     Believe not just on the secondary benefits of salvation but on the primary/true purpose of God for mankind, which is to attain salvation in our souls (inheriting the Son and the Father).

     It is also important to believe in and with the company of those doing likewise so that we can fulfil God’s perfect will for our lives while on earth.

"But why is a company important for salvation?" some people ask. "Couldn't I just serve God in the comfort of my personal space?"

Well, the problem is that we could never serve God without serving one another. It is an IMPOSSIBLE feat (Matt 25:37-40). And because we serve what or who we love, we cannot love God without loving one another (1Jn 4:20-21, Matt 20:26-27).

Love is required every step of the way to God. 1Pet 1:22 says that, after we have loved the brethren with unfeigned love (with Christ's commandments), we ought to love one another AGAIN with a pure heart fervently (with everlasting commandments). Love is key in our spiritual journey and we are not without examples.

The Godhead

It is that faulty human ideology of having one head/leader/king/CEO/president that affects the way we think about God. This is why many love earthly top positions. Those places are solitary and so, men get to harness a lot of benefits in isolation. But God's life is not so. He is the one who sets the solitary in families…(Ps 68:6).

In God's highest realm, we find Three Beings (1Jn 5:7), not one; and they love and serve one another more fervently than we know or can imagine. Moreso, They are looking for more of Their kind (everlasting men) to join in Their fellowship. God is not a lone ranger obviously.


God made Adam and gave him Eve. It was never God's intention for Adam to be alone. Eve was never an afterthought in God's plan. In fact, God created both their spirits and souls in one day (Gen 1:27). Marriage is an everlasting institution ordained by God to make us have a perpetual ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ with whom we ought to do charity and obey everlasting commandments of love and service (Eph 5:22,25).

Our Lord Jesus

When Jesus was to start His earthly ministry, He looked for a company–the twelve–and they were not perfect men. One of them was a devil but it did not stop Him. In fact, that was a way to accelerate Him into being perfected in everlasting life. Judas must have been very important in Jesus's everlasting journey because He must have had to endure him and love him unconditionally. Jesus loved and served His disciples with everlasting commandments (Jn 13:12-14).


Rahab was a harlot! This profession is one of the most despicable of all time. But how did she stand out? Did she choose to begin to read a scroll of laws that could make her a 'good' person? Did she suddenly decide her ways were bad and begin a personal revival? No! She decided to follow a different set of people and believe in their God. This woman got included in the lineage of our Lord Jesus Christ just by daring to believe!

Hebrews 11:31 says, By faith the harlot Rahab perished not with them that believed not, when she had received the spies with peace. It is obvious that we can perish with the wrong company (those that believe not).

Rahab was not the only one who had heard about the Lord and His wondrous acts among His people, the Israelites (Josh 2: 9-10). All of Jericho had heard. But she was the only one who dared to believe in the salvation of the God of these foreign people, thereby saving herself and her family from perishing with the rest of the city of Jericho.

It is important for us to choose our company wisely in this season. But how do we know we are in the right company? We will be discussing this in the next article. Shalom!



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Mercy Onize Ododo Avatar
Mercy Onize Ododo - 2 years ago
Wow🥺🥺.....this article is awesome and instructive🙇🏼‍♀️I am anticipating the next article 💃🏻

Damilola Adeniyi Avatar
Damilola Adeniyi - 2 years ago
Wonderful!!! I really appreciate 🙏. May God grant us the heart to keep believing. Anticipating the next article ....

Bamidele Daniel Avatar
Bamidele Daniel - 2 years ago
Wow...🥺🥺 I'm glad I read this. It really blessed me. It was worth my time

Adebola Ifeoluwa Avatar
Adebola Ifeoluwa - 2 years ago
Greatly blessed by this God bless the editorial team

Praise Aro Avatar
Praise Aro - 2 years ago
Well done Editorial team! Truly edifying. More grace.

Adebakin Olamide Avatar
Adebakin Olamide - 2 years ago
Thank you Editorial team for this article! I've been immensely blessed🙌 God bless you.

Faith Bamidele Avatar
Faith Bamidele - 2 years ago
Really strengthening!!!

Oluwatobi Lawal Avatar
Oluwatobi Lawal - 2 years ago
This is really encouraging. I've been so much strengthened by this. God bless the editorial team for this article.

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