Accessing the Secret of God’s Reign (APM)

The new birth does not exempt a believer’s mind from carnality. The freedom being described in the book of Romans 8 is freedom in the soul. Satan knows that the fact that people are born again does not guarantee their total freedom from his hands. A soul can only be free from him when that soul becomes spiritual. Therefore, Satan invaded the church to make it worldly, so that he can keep men carnal.

The Essence of the Unveiling of the Throne (APM)

When ministering spirits are present, they do not show themselves in most cases. This is because our attention/focus can be shifted when we see them. The understanding they bring is more important than us seeing them physically. Understanding is what God calls appearance.

The Making of Beings that can bear God (APM)

When a soul is journeying, there will be a noise, a rattling, a shaking, as a result of bones locating bones. When Christ is being taught, bones are being put together. When Christ has been fully taught and all the bones are together, it is time to prophesy to the flesh.

The Operation of the Eternal Throne (APM)

The gifts in Christ are gifts of purity; they make one pure. “But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption...” (1 Cor. 1:30). Purity is attained in different levels. However, the highest level of purity in Christ is sanctification.

Unveiling God as the Eternal Refuge (APM)

When someone walks out from among the flock of God, such a person has been devoured – he has been eaten up. A flock can be going about its normal daily activities but may have been devoured. In the face of God, such a person is lost or taken by Satan.

Understanding the Light that God is (SOS)

You cannot harness real power if you do not love knowledge. Whosoever is not interested in knowledge will not do well or go far. Whosoever is not interested in knowledge will downplay light.

Being Caught Up by the Doctrine of God (LSC)

The least of the oracle of God, which is also called the first principles of the oracle of God or the milk is not clear to the most men in the body of Christ. Without proper understanding of this word, the church will not be able to accurately ascend to the understanding of the meat of the word.

Coming into God’s Eternal House (RH)

The opening of Adam’s eyes brought a lot of things to earth. The covering that God gave Adam and Eve was supposed to protect them from hurt. This covering (garment) was a fortress, and it was not ordinary. God put it in them with some grace.

X-raying the Realm of Eternal Reward (SOS)

No one can preach the Kingdom of God without growing up. Just like John as a child grew and waxed strong in the spirit (Luke 1:80), Jesus also grew up in the spirit, increasing “... in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man” (Luke 2:52).

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