Practical Ways to Having a Clean Slate


So many instructions have been coming our way through our parents in the Lord concerning the issue of offence at this time; we must take these instructions to heart if we must prosper in the divine light that is being shed on us.

The Lord is warning us through our parents because He sees ahead of us; therefore, we must not take these instructions lightly.

We have been taught about having a clean slate but we will not profit with these teachings if we don't know how to express them in our daily lives.

Below are practical ways to ensure we have a clean slate:


1.    Beware of Presumptuousness

A trap we can fall into when we are hearing the word of righteousness is presumptuousness. Because there is a deluge of revelation, we can assume we have what it takes to overcome the enemy, and then not have any regard for our brethren or even our parents/teachers.

But we must know that revelation is not tantamount to nature or stature. Because we have the revelation of a life does not mean we have been built against the warfare of that life.

We must be patient and wait for the Lord to build us on our insides, and this will happen only through the overcoming of the trials that come for the word's sake (James 1:2-4). One way that we know we have been built to a measure is humility -- counting ourselves to know nothing and not assuming we are 'there' yet.

Pastor Emeka Egwuchukwu said in NLWC on Sunday, 7th of November, that he believes he is just entering the Outer Court! That is a heart that has been worked on to be humble. Pastor Tope Falaye also recently admonished us that when we think we are at a particular level in our journey, we should count twenty steps backwards -- that's most likely where we are.

The enemy will make us begin to see the faults of our brethren or parents in the Lord when we feel we have 'known'. But we haven't yet known as we ought to when we understand how far the journey still is. Hence, our myopic judgment will hinder us from continuing, if we allow it.


2.    Have Fervent Love for the Brethren

(1 Peter 4:8) And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins. Fervent charity will generate in us a Christ-like compassion that will help us cover the many weaknesses of our brethren. We must be careful to provoke one another, not unto jealousy but to love in this season.

Remember -- obeying the truth unto the unfeigned love of the brethren is the key to being born of the incorruptible seed. (1Pet 1: 22-23). A code of the divine life is that we cannot survive on our own -- we need our brethren to ascend with.

We must be sensitive to brethren around us because many are still weak and don't have enough understanding to combat offence. We must not assume that we are all on the same level. God has that soul in mind and we must not by our carelessness or negligence cause that soul to stumble (Romans 14:21).

We must also be able to bear their infirmities, knowing that the great Shepherd is watching over their souls and working in them to become like Him.


3.    Have a 'Do or Die' Attitude towards your Inheritance

Any thought of independence that comes to us in this season is dangerous; it only wants to estrange us from the place of safety and inheritance.

When we leave the household of God because we are offended by a brother, sister or a pastor, it means our claim on Eternal Life is weak. We would only do that because we don't yet know what we own and would rather drop our birthright for something someone said or did.

"Family is family", Daddy Oyegoke told us during the 2021 Single Summit Grand Finale. "No one gets offended at a member of his family and leaves his home; rather, he stands to fight for what is his until he gets it."  We must have a 'do or die' attitude towards our birthright so that NOTHING or NO ONE can make us despise it.


4.    Close the Gap

Mummy Helen Oyegoke, in one of her teachings on cleaning our slate, said that Satan specialises in interpreting the words of our brethren (sister, brother, wife or husband) to us in ways that make them unlovable to us. He will do all he can to create a gap between you and your brethren.


Satan will not stop accusing our brethren before us as he accuses us before God. It is his speciality. To fight his thoughts of accusation, let us advocate for our brethren and make excuses for them. Let us be like our High Priest who is forever an advocate for us.


Let us get in the habit of praying for our brethren, especially those that Satan is accusing before us. Let us do things we wouldn't ordinarily do for that brother or sister if we were to walk in the flesh.


Let us be deliberate in our love walk towards our brethren. By doing so, we will close those gaps Satan has created and in no time, we will begin to have access to thoughts of the morning where God dwells.

Amarachi Avatar
Amarachi - 2 years ago
Thank you so much for this!

Oluwatobi Samuel Lawal Avatar
Oluwatobi Samuel Lawal - 2 years ago
Thanks for this. So blessed by reading through

Adoke Samuel Avatar
Adoke Samuel - 2 years ago
nhmm ..Thank you Sir/ma for provoking our heart to be deliberate in the pursuit of this blessed hope. God keep you for us all. Amen.

Adenike Adejuwon Avatar
Adenike Adejuwon - 2 years ago
So blessed reading through, it helped my heart greatly.

Damilola Avatar
Damilola - 2 years ago
When I think I have known is when I start seeing the faults of my brethren or pastor🙆Mercy!!! To leave the fold because of offense against my brother, sister or pastor means that my claim on eternal life is weak. Show me mercy Jesus

Somto Ezepue Avatar
Somto Ezepue - 2 years ago
Amazing. Thank you for this reminder.

Adebayo Avatar
Adebayo - 2 years ago
Wow. Thank you so much Sir/ma. This is a great for us even in this time and season. Kai we must not see ourselves that we've known but keep following and seeking that Blessed hope

James Akinjide Avatar
James Akinjide - 2 years ago
"Accusation is Satan's specialty!" Never said better. May I be more discerning...Amen! Thank you Editorial team...more grace!!

Damilola Odifa Avatar
Damilola Odifa - 2 years ago

Nwosa Nduka Emmanuel Avatar
Nwosa Nduka Emmanuel - 2 years ago
Am really blessed by this message It indeed a reminder. I ask for Mercy and Grace even in this season, Lord open my eyes more Amen. Ah Thank you Jesus Christ

Olaoluwa Ayegbusi Avatar
Olaoluwa Ayegbusi - 2 years ago
Thank you so much. This is blessing.

Timilehin Matthew Abolade Avatar
Timilehin Matthew Abolade - 2 years ago
Thank you for this... It is really bringing yo our reminder how we can walk in LOVE

Omolayo Avatar
Omolayo - 2 years ago
Thank you sir

Ebenezer Avatar
Ebenezer - 2 years ago
Wow, this is so insightful

Temitope Oluwajuwon Avatar
Temitope Oluwajuwon - 2 years ago
Thank you sir 🙏

Praise Avatar
Praise - 2 years ago
Thanks for this. I was blessed. God help me

Jennifer E. Ayonote Avatar
Jennifer E. Ayonote - 2 years ago
Hmmm! So help us God. Thank you so much Editorial team! God bless you all.

Becky Davidson Avatar
Becky Davidson - 2 years ago
Thank you, Lord Jesus!

Oyinkansola Alabi Avatar
Oyinkansola Alabi - 2 years ago
Thanks a lot.

Queen Ogunmayi Avatar
Queen Ogunmayi - 2 years ago
Thank you so much for this article. It blessed me

Feyisara Avatar
Feyisara - 2 years ago
Thank you, always timely.

Oluwatobi Badejo Avatar
Oluwatobi Badejo - 2 years ago
May we all find grace to keep to heart all these instructions. Thanks so much editorial team, am blessed.

Ozuruonye Oluchi Avatar
Ozuruonye Oluchi - 2 years ago
God help us clean our slates daily. Amen

Ogungbamila Yetunde Avatar
Ogungbamila Yetunde - 2 years ago
This is very instructive. I have been blessed andy heart adjusted. God bless the Editorial Team and may you continually receive breath of the Almighty to wrestle down enemies of our growth to God.

Helen oyegoke Avatar
Helen oyegoke - 2 years ago
Thank you so much, I am really blessed, Satan never gives up to create a gap, he comes subtly . May we be vigilant and sober to discern him every time in Jesus name

Bukola the Beloved 🌹 Avatar
Bukola the Beloved 🌹 - 2 years ago
This is really thoughtful ❤️. I so blessed . Thanks 🙏. May we never lose our wonder 🙏

Ebenezer Oyinkansola Avatar
Ebenezer Oyinkansola - 2 years ago
Thank you so much Egfm editorial for this, I must be intentional about my love walk this season. Giving offense no ground and bridging the gap. Help me Lord.

Adeyemi Oluwatosin Abigail Avatar
Adeyemi Oluwatosin Abigail - 2 years ago
Blessed as always. May God help us to yield. Thanks editorial team🙌🏾

Favour Avatar
Favour - 2 years ago
Thank you. I was blessed by this article. God bless you

Oluwashanu Joshua Avatar
Oluwashanu Joshua - 1 year ago
Thank y so much for this. 🥺 Please can you help me with the link to the message where mummy talked about cleaning the slate. Thank you very much.

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