Introduction to the Word of Righteousness – Part 2
There is a Word that empowers a believer to live by God’s approved way to live in the flesh; even from faith to faith. That Word is the next allocation for the soul of any believer that has used and been wean from the elementary (milk) principles of faith. That Word is called the Word of Righteousness
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Introduction to the Word of Righteousness - Part 1
There is a Word that reveals God's standard for living like Jesus did until He attained the victory called our Faith. That Word is the key to truly understanding the sayings and parables of our Lord Jesus.
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Introduction To The Word of Righteousness (Part 3)
What was stolen from man through disobedience, was an understanding that once made Adam the King of the earth (Ps. 8:4-8; 82:5). What man (i.e. you and I) should have attained unto had Adam disobeyed the devil or obeyed the commandments God gave him, was an understanding packaged in the tree of life (1Jn. 5:20). What reduced Nebuchadnezzar from being the greatest king on earth into a beast that would live in the forest for seven years, was that his understanding was withdrawn. What informs the reign of sin in men is a darkened understanding, and what informs a reign (dominion) over sin, is an enlightened understanding (Dan. 4:30-34, Eph. 4:18). In like manner, what has limited many believers (till date) from coming into a spiritual understanding of the actual faith of the New Testament, is their inability to selflessly use the word that can only introduces righteousness (i.e. the milk of faith), as a leverage to embrace the actual word that teaches or unveils (God’s) righteousness; i.e. the word of righteousness (Heb. 5:12-13).
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